Aid Request for Educational Support


Socially Excluded, Pro-poor, and Earthquake Victim Children of Nepal

  1. Background

The children are the future leaders and citizens, but they are being the most vulnerable section of the society since they cannot express their aspiration as their fellow pears which provide an atmosphere to exploit them; especially in underdeveloped country like Nepal. Child labor, sexual harassment, trafficking of children for servitude and prostitution, etc. are some examples.

Child labor is a major economic and social trend in Nepal. Nepal has 34% of its children between the age of 5 and 14 who are involved in child labor, compared with 12% in the South Asia region as a whole. The major parts of the economically active children are engaged in the agriculture sector, mostly as unpaid family workers, partly as forced labour in household and industrial works under parental debt bondage. Many are working in local motel, shop, and bars as dishwasher and helper. They are involved in transportation and mining industry. In addition, more than one-third of them are illiterate, and majorities are school dropouts, who have been brought to their present workplace by their parents or relatives. It also appears that they all come from landless, illiterate, poor, socially excluded families. In rural areas, children work mostly in the agricultural sector, while in urban areas, they can be found in almost all kinds of work requiring manual labor. Many studies suggest child schooling and child labor force participation rate are negatively correlated. This hits directly in long run economic growth due to lower rate of human capital accumulation. In addition, the exploiting works also can affect children’s physical and mental health.

The main regions behind the underplaying problems is the socio-economic characters such as illiteracy of the parents, lack of access to as well as low perceived value of education, disharmony and diminishing family support, subsistence livelihoods that push families, particularly in rural areas, to send their children to work.

The most destructive earthquake of 7.6 Richter scale struck Nepal on 25th April and 6.8 Richter scale on May 12th of 2015 causing widespread death, destruction and displacement of people. According to the data of Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal created by the Government of Nepal, 8,622 people have lost their lives, 16,808 people are injured, and nearly 2 million children are victimized. There are more casualties in Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu valley, Dolakha, Dhading, Gorkha and Kavre. Total of 4,887,774 houses are destroyed where 260,735 houses are partially destroyed in the affected districts. Most of the houses of remote villages have been totally collapsed caused hundreds of thousands people homeless and leaving millions still in need of food, clean water and adequate shelter. People are still living in makeshift tents. Children are being vulnerable (physically and psychologically) due to long-stay at tents, unavailability of nutritious food, lack of safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, etc. Many of them are forced to work rather than to go school

The underlying situation demands the prompt intervention for the support of the vulnerable children institutionally. We are doing different education support programs for Socially Excluded, Pro-poor, and Earthquake Victim Children of Nepal, and also conducting income generation programs to the families belonging to those children. So we are requesting to individual and institutional supports from national and international sectors for our efforts through a significant amount of donation.

  1. Objective

To support children for continuity of their schooling; especially for landless, socially excluded, pro-poor, and earthquake victims, who dropped out their school and now exploited as child labor.

To promote the income generation activities for the underlying school dropout children’s parents suffering from poverty.

To save poor and vulnerable earthquake victim children of Nepal.

  1. Target Group

The initial target group of this program is 1000 households form different parts of the country characterize as having children below 13 year dropped out from school, socially excluded on the basis of cast, gender, race, religion, etc., pro-poor, marginalized, and/or victimized from recent earthquake of Nepal living still in makeshift tents.

  1. Activities
  2. Education support to target children
  3. Study Material Support: Distributing course books, copy, pens, pencils, eraser, pencil cutter, school dresses, shoes, school bags, color pennies, drawing copies, etc.
  4. Extra Curricular Activity Support: Distributing fun books, dictionary, playing materials, etc.
  5. Nutrition Food Support: Distributing nutritious foods, school lunch program, etc.
  6. Extra-class support: Providing after school community learning centers with facilitator or tutor.
  7. Income generation promotion to target parents

The target parents shall be provided technical and financial support for one of the following livelihood support program. Micro financial supports are done on repayment basis but on 0% interest rate.

  1. Goat Farming
  2. High Value crops Farming
  3. Knitting and Swing
  4. Handicraft/Embroidery
  5. Beauty Parlor
  6. Salon
  7. How to donate?

The donor can send money to us in different ways. Please contact us for donation.

Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Nepal Bank Ltd.                      Bank Branch: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur Nepal

Account Name: Right to Access Nepal, Banastali Kathmandu

Account Number: 0191110006581             Switf Code: NEBLNPKA

Western Union Money Transfer

Name: Ambika Kaudal                      Permanent Address: Palumtar-8, Gorkha Nepal

Present Address:                               Lainchour Kathmandu-29, Nepal

Phone No: 00977 9851036805          Passport No: 4695484

Email Address:

The donor can send materials (stationary, used books, copies, Clothes, and others) in following address.

Right to Access Nepal, Lainchour, Kathmandu-29, Nepal

House No: 71/Kabardhall Marga Phone No: 00977 1 4412240

Note: If you are sending materials, Please quote clearly “Not for Sale, Only for Distributing freely to the Children of Nepal” outside the packaging.

If you wish to support or sponsor only one child by donating some amount (i.e. around 50US$) per month, please contact us. 100% fund will be utilized for the target child.