Prioritized Area of Organization

  1. Social Mobilization
  2. Good Governance, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility
  3. Disaster Management
  4. Poverty Reduction, Micro Industrialist Promotion, Income Generating Trainings
  5. Education, Health, Water Supply and Sanitation
  6. Irrigation and Agricultural Promotion, Food Security
  7. Rural and Urban Development
  8. Mass-media Mobilization
  9. Human Rights, Right to Information “RTI”, Children and Gender
  10. Agro-Forest, Community-Forest, Eco and Bio Diversity, Conservation
  11. Culture, Heritage, Art, Campaign and Exhibition
  12. Capacity Enhancement and Building, Training and Development
  13. Feasibility Study, Product Development, Survey Design, Research and Development, Evolution, Monitoring, Consulting, and Impact Assessment.