An individual from any part of the world can join this program. This program is based on local communities with the collaboration of local social organization. As per the necessity of the community, local social organization sends us a request of volunteer for a particular objective. We send the volunteer as pre the availability of them. But some time individual volunteer may be asked by community school, health post, forest club, sport club, etc. We provide volunteer for social works as:

  • Child care and development in local school
  • Teaching English, science, mathematics, computer, drawing, etc. for children of primary school.
  • Participating community health and sanitation program
  • Participating plantation, green program, etc. done by community Eco Club.
  • Providing sport training to local children and youths.
  • Supporting local government office for providing services to local people.

Do you find any difficulty to select the field you want to volunteer? Please fill up the form. We will suggest you.

You can make your own custom designed program based on your skill, experience, education, preferences, etc. For that please contact us with your proposal. We will see appropriate site for you.