Rasuwa field visit for WASH project before implementation

The assessment of Water supply scheme supported by Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (Fund Board) and implemented by RAN was signed on 15th Ashar 2073. The duration of the project is 18 months. The Project includes 5 schemes with in the 4 VDCs of Rasuwa District as Laharepauwa, Bhorle, Chilime and Bridim. Furthermore, the project also incorporates ODF and total Sanitation activities in different VDCs of the district.

RAN team, Binod Poudel- Team Leader, Shakuntala Neupane- ODF Officer,Sujina Shrestha- WASH Technical Officer, Ramesh Khatiwada- Technician and Ambika Kaudal, visited the project locations for the assessment of the real situation of the anticipated beneficiaries. During the visit, five water user committees have formed with the help of local people and field staffs. We found the real problem of scarcity of the drinking water during the user group formation. The participants pointed out the key concern such a sustainability of the project, larger participation, wider coverage, inclusiveness, quality implementation of the project, etc. in positive and prospective ways for the impactful output of the intervention.  The encouragement shown by the village people has made us more accountable and confident for the successful project implementation.

We also found the hilly, rocky and remote geographical structure of community. The community of project scheme is scattered and one is far from another for which we have to walk hours. No any other means of transportation available there. Community participants spend hours to collect water. During the visit, we also found the main and secondary communities. Main community includes the Barmin/tamang in downstream and sherpa in the upstream of the project. The main objective of the visit was also to know about the present situation of water resources where the major portion of the existing water supply system was found damaged due to the recent earthquake. But somehow the source of water is free from any contamination and good for drinking purpose.

We have got the information on the actual scenario of the project, geographical status, communities involvement in particular work.

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