Duration of Project: 27 Months (Chaitra 2072 Jestha , 2074)

Location of Project: Three VDCs (Lele, Nallu, Bhardeo) of Lalitpur district


Hisilicon Balong

A1     Project Title
Engaging Youths in  the Promotion of Goat Raising in Lalitpur district
A2       Executive Summary
Unemployment; especially underemployment in agriculture sector, has remained a serious problem in Nepal over the years. Such problem was found more pronounced in the project VDCs. In line with the government policy to engage the unemployed youths in agricultural sector, this project is designed to gainfully involve 180 unemployed youths (at least 50% women) selected from 180 households  in promoting goat raising in three VDCs (Lele, Nallu, and Bhardeo) of Lalitpur district. The project adopts “group- approach”. It is planned that within the stipulated project period of 27 months, the targeted beneficiaries would be able to generate at least additional income amounting to Rs 5,0000 per household from the commercial farming of goats. This would be made possible by project supported training programs, inputs and technical backups. The project is designed to ensure sustainability measured in terms of continuity and scaling up of the project results. The success stories of the project intervention will be disseminated at various occasions as required by NARDF. This will also be reflected in the booklets, project progress reports and annual reports of the organization.
A3       Project Location
The project will be executed in Lele, Nallu, and Bhardeo VDCs of Lalitpur district covering a total of 180 households (60 households in each VDC). All production related activities will be conducted within the VDC areas. However, marketing activities may cross geographic boundaries of VDCs and district. These VDCs are situated in an altitude ranging from 3,000 ft. to 3,500 ft. The Village Profiles of the VDCs outline that the households in the targeted VDCs are presently involved largely in the production of paddy, maize, wheat and partly in the commercial production of vegetables and livestock products including goat farming.
A4       Start and Completion Dates
The proposed project intervention is planned for a period of 27 months. The project would start from Chaitra, 2073 B.S. of the current fiscal year (FY 2072/73). This suggests the following  start and completion dates of project implementation:

Start date:                 01 Chaitra, 2073; Fiscal Year 2072/73

Completion date::    30 Jestha, 2075;  Fiscal Year 2074/75

Total project period: 27 months

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