“A child without education, is like a bird without wings.” ~Tibetan Proverb
The world has a lot of kind and philanthropic people who always help poor children and women in either of ways. Among the people, David Mundal from Norway is one who helped poor; earthquake victimized and marginalized children of Dukuchhap Lalitpur to the support of school dress(clothes). On the other hand, he also supported for women empowerment program conducted for mothers those children are dropped out from school. The aim was to empower them about the importance of education.
The children will never forget the help by David Mundal.
Now, all the mothers from Dukuchhap have promised that they send their children to school for their bright future.
From the side of Right to Access Nepal, I would like to thank David, who is also my very good friend. Similarly, thanks for all children and women participating the program…..

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